(Sarafire ex Moonlite Gypsy)
1995 Purebred Arabian Gelding/
Unregister 1st Cross ASH
How much fun can one horse be? WELL...

Delfire is a great little gelding which Moonlite intended to retain for pleasure. Sent up to us for some individual attention, Del provided great entertainment with his fun-loving horsonality, his intelligence, his forgiving nature, and his willingness to try everything we asked of him. Much to Rob and Yvonne's distress and disappointment, it became clear he is unsuited to harness due to abuse he suffered on lease. Reluctantly, the decision was made to find him a new home. The job of finding him a new home was given to us.

He was advertised on the internet, and while many enquiries were made only one suitable home was found. While rich in the qualities we consider important for Delfire's well-being and continued retraining after his abuse, Renee already had 2 horses, one a mare of exceptional pedigree and conformation. It was decided that as Julia can not ride for some time, we would lease Prini, and Renee would lease Delfire.

Delfire is a son of Sarafire, winner of 113 show and performance Championships, and Moonlite Gypsy, also a show champion. He is full brother to show multi-Supreme Champion, Moonlite Belle (Melody), and half brother to endurance champion, Zeyn Bensara (Exp UAE) and Zeyn Porteous (Exp UAE). His grandsire, Delhi, is sire to endurance champions, Moonlite Topaz (Exp UAE), Moonlite Delson (Exp UAE), Moonlite Jester (Exp UAE) and Moonlite Captain. He is related to Endurance Champion Moonlite Flash (Exp UAE), and Moonlite Snowman.

Delfire has been trail ridden, pony clubbed and shown with success and continued his career in versatility with Renee, who completed a social and 2 Training endurance rides with Delfire. He provided so much entertainment at his agistment centre he was unanimously voted the favourite pony!

Del has been returned from lease and is being utilised to get Julia back in the saddle. Apart from any jumping, which his injuries preclude, Delfire is well into PNH Level 2 with Julia and is often used by others who attend Riverina Arabians Horsemanship Days.


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Microchipped, Vaccinated EI (Proteq Flu TE)

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