From little things big things grow...

All foals are beautiful. Alas, they grow into horses.  Here are our horses before they grew up.
The buttons will take you to the grown up versions.
Tarquin ex Stonington Ann
Arabian Stock Horse ~1st X Australian Stock Horse ~ Born: 11/10/1991
Torryburn Tahl ex Moonlite Belle
Purebred Arabian ~ Born: 11.00pm 19/10/2003
Rhydian's name is Welsh and means "dweller by the ford". He was named 'Rhydian' after staggering into the dam the night he was born and being rescued by my nephew, Dale (pictured below)
Nashama's name, in Arabic, means a horse which shows intelligence and initiative and responds quickly to the rider's command. The name was chosen for his mother's quick intelligence and to honour a friend.
Moonlite Belle
Sarafire ex Moonlite Gypsy
Purebred Arabian ~ Born: 08/09/1994
Sarafire ex Moonlite Gypsy
Purebred Arabian ~ Born: 01/11/1995
Melody and Del were bred by Moonlite Arabians.

Melody was supposed to be Moonlite Melody and ended up being aptly named 'Belle'. Del was supposed to be a stallion and does not carry the Moonlite prefix. He was named for his sire, Sarafire, and damsire, Delhi.

~ Nashama Stud reserves the right to refuse a sale.

~ The use of any stallion is not automatic endorsement by Nashama Stud. There are many aspects to breeding a foal. While some consider this basic precaution 'bizarre', when considering any of the stallions we have used appropriate references should be sought. Of course, we do not hesitate to recommend Moonlite, Pevensey or Torryburn.

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Nashama Aslaan arrived between 3am and 5am on Friday  14th October 2005.
Nashama Faran arrived at 7.15am on
Tuesday 1st November 2005.
Unfortunately, we were unable to get newborn photos of the 2005 boys but here they are at a month old when they arrived home .

Silver Somerio ex Moonlite Belle -
on his first day of life, trying to get control of his legs. 8 hours old.

Where good temperament and a place to put the saddle matter!
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2003 Nashama Ben Tahl
2007 Nashama Zainal
2005 Nashama Aslaan & Nashama Faran
1991 Rhydian
1995 (Moonlite) Delfire
1994 Moonlite Belle
Nashama Ben Tahl ex Brandy Creme Pussa -
our first partbred since 1991 and our first ever filly!
2011 Nashama Xena
Nashama Ben Tahl
ex Brandy Creme Pussa -
our first palomino!
2013 Nashama Firestorm
Unnamed ex Moonlite Belle
2013 Nashama Mystery Beau