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Savannah Roylae

(Banstand ex Ulinga Royola)
Bay 1990 Purebred Arabian Mare/
1st X ASH (Unregister)
Microchipped, Vaccinated EI (Proteq Flu ET)
Prini has returned to her owner in Queensland.
The Red Raider,

Stonington Ann (Dec)

our foundation mare.
(Stonington Legend ex Shy-Anne)
Chestnut 1977 Australian Stock Horse
Ann was Euthanased 28/11/2002

Ms Houdini

Moonshine (Dec)

(Brumby Stallion ex Rozzie)
Bay Pinto 1979 Brumby/Shetland accident
'Shine is buried with her last lease family after passing away of a heart attack, aged 18.

The old reprobate,

Smokey (Dec)

1961-1991 Welsh Pony Gelding

When given the opportunity, Smokey was a drunk! Smokey passed on at the age of 30 with his last family.
(Photo: Jim Ellson)
The Sawn-Off Savage,

Nashama Faran

(Silver Somerio ex Savannah Roylae)
2005 Arabian Stockhorse Gelding SHG60/
Eligible Purebred Arabian
Microchipped, Vaccinated EI (Proteq Flu TE)

Faran is Australia's first registered purebred Arabian Stockhorse and has been sold to Renee Taylor of Brisbane.
(Photo 04/05/2008 ~ Julia)

Where good temperament and a place to put the saddle matter!
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