July 2013 Awaiting Brandy's and Melody's new foals impatiently. Xena is growing well.

June 2013 A third property incursion has seen us install a state of the art security system to protect the horses.


Oct 2012 Snow!

June 2012 Aslaan is being broken to saddle by Glen and Kate Fenner form Kandoo Equine.


27/10/2011 Brandy foaled a gorgeous bay filly.

22/08/2011 Julia started her new job in Canberra today.


21/10/2010 Brandy, our palomino mare, has tested SCID clear and will be mated to Nashama Ben Tahl on her next season..

7th March 2010 Our first dilute mare has been purchased for Nashama Ben Tahl


30th November 2009 ~ The 7 year search for a replacement saddle mare for Julia has finally ended. Moonlite Liesle will be joining Nashama Stud in 2010. By Arfaja Rawdon out of Moonlite Lyn, the chestnut sabino filly foal has captivated Julia and will be her future saddle and harness mare.

30th July 2009 Julia and Glen had a wonderful time at their Photonic Therapy school. Julia will commence the qualification procedures

28th Jun 2009 Julia has done a little bit of a site cleanout and eliminated a few pages.

29th March 2009 The horses and humans had a wonderful time at the World's Biggest Play Day.

17-18th March 2009 Glen attended a David Farmilo hoof school and had the most fabulous learning experience.

20-22nd February 2009 Glen attended a No-name bodywork school, had an awful time.

25th January 2009 The horses were demo horses for a hoof school, particularly Aslaan, who was trimmed.


18th October 2008 Aslaan and Zanzibar are healing well from their accidents after treatment for their wounds and chiropractic/muscle adjustment by Glen for Aslaan. This week Zanzibar had his first hoof trim and wore a rug for the very first time.

11th October 2008 Aslaan is bruised, batterd, cut and concussed after taking fright at a semi trailer in the float on his way to Illabo Show. Sadly the driver saw fit to put on his jake brakes right beside our float and Aslaan reared over the divider, hitting his face on the front of the float, banging his knee, straining his ribs, back and hindquarters and cutting his legs and chest. A huge thank you to the lady and her daughter who were behind us and stopped to assist, and to Jim Harris from Call Again Pacing Stud, Old Junee, who offered his yards if Aslaan was difficult to load again or needed veterinary attention. Your kindness and concern is greatly appreciated.

05th October 2008 A red heeler attacked 4 horses. Zanzibar was put through the fence with Delfire grabbed repetedly by the hind legs while protecting Zainal, and Aslaan was thrown to the ground. The dog(s) will be shot on sight if they are seen again.

15th September 2008 Chevald'or Zanzibar has arrived for training in ground manners.

5th July 2008 Melody has made her way to Yass to be a companion horse to Tealc. Melody is not happy! We met Hamamas Bey Barron, the Mogo Zoo lion food rescue stallion. Lovely boy!

7th June 2008 Glen has just completed the first stage of his equine massage qualification, spending 3 days in a basic course to improve his hoof trimming with a better understanding of equine locomotion and body issues.

4th May 2008 Nashama Faran & Savannah Roylae left with Rudds Transport for Kobble Creek.

27th April 2008 Mimosa Quantum Savvy Practice Group held it's first play day, which was rained into the lounge to watch some DVD's, not that any of the drought stricken participants were complaining about!

19th March 2008 It's done! Julia has posted the Mimosa Quantum Savvy Practice Group registration forms and fees to Shane and Meredith.

11th March 2005 Julia and Glen have decided not to breed any more purebred Arabians due to the state of the market for them. Despite an embarrassment of endurance performers in the pedigrees of their horses as well as show and harness proven stock, a recent foray into selling some geldings have shown that, when doing things right, the costs have outstripped the returns by 200-300% when no shortcuts are taken. Accordingly, they have assessed the herd and will be retaining Rhydian in his retirement, Melody and her 3 sons, Shama, Aslaan and Zainal. Delfire has been given to Nicole Whiles of Wagga Wagga and Faran has been given to Renee Taylor of Brisbane as he is the only foal of Savannah Roylae. 

27th January 2008 Julia and Glen attended the Quantum Savvy RFT Clinic and have decided to join Quantum Savvy, leaving Parelli after 15 years.

7th December 2007 Mickey the dog has passed on at the age of 16.

1st October 2007 Zainal has arrived! A son for Moonlite Belle and Silver Somerio

28th August 2007 An outbreak of Equine Influenza experienced by Australia has seen us all sitting at home.

Easter 2007 - Julia gained her Level 1 Acutherapy qualification Aslaan excelled as her course horse.

2006 was spent rehabilitating our horses

4th December 2005 Faran and Savannah Roylae arrive home from Ivahri Arabians. Prini is empty.

8th November 2005 Aslaan and Moonlite Belle arrive home from Ivahri Arabians. Melody is empty, her lease has been terminated.

1st November 2005 Faran has arrived, a son for Savannah Roylae and Silver Somerio

28th October 2005 Nashama Ben Tahl has been taken to Canberra for intensive treatment on his injuries.

14th October 2005 Aslaan has arrived, a son for Moonlite Belle and Salah El Asaad

23rd September 2005 Nashama has arrived home from Ivahri Arabians. His lease has been terminated by Julia.

14th September 2005 Rhydian has foundered.

11th September 2005 Delfire and Renee have completed the Coolamon Canola Trainer. HR of 36, 36.

30th August 2005 Savannah Roylae and Nashama Ben Tahl left for Ivahri Arabians. Prini will be served by Talisman Rose Bahri, Shama is to be shown and will serve a few mares for Ivahri next Spring. after some social etiquette education with a Nana mare

23rd August 2005 Max the feral cat turned house cat was euthanased after kidney failure.

July 2005 Moonlite Belle, our saddle and harness broken and multi supreme champion led Arabian mare,  has left for Ivahri Arabians where she will foal her Salah El Asaad foal for us then be leased by Ivahri for a foal for them.

17th May 2005 Satchmo, our Reserve Australian Champion Abyssinian cat turned Ute surfer was struck by a car and did not survive.

8th May 2005 Delfire and Renee completed the Trainer at The Rock Enduro HR 32,37

February 2004 Glen has attended an Equethy Hoof Trimming school in Canberra. Although this is his first school, Glen has been trimming Nashama Stud's hooves since 1993 and is very excited to finally find a school to teach him how to trim better. This is barefoot theory, so even more exciting, as Julia's horses have been barefoot and trimmed by herself and Glen since 1983.

29th January 2005 Delfire and Renee completed the 20km Social at Kowen Enduro.

19th October 2003 Nashama has arrived, a son for Moonlite Belle and Torryburn Tahl

28th November 2002 Stonington Ann was laid to rest after an illness and sleeps in a lovely location on the property we have relocated to.

14th November 2002 Moonlite Belle is confirmed in foal to Torryburn Tahl

2001 - 2002 - Moonlite Belle attended 6 shows and won 5 Champion purebred led mare sashes and 1 Reserve Champion mare, and was 3 times Supreme Arabian!

November 1999 Moonshine has passed on at the age of 18. She is buried with her last family

11th October 1991 - Rhydian has arrived, a son for Stonington Ann and Tarquin.


~ Nashama Stud reserves the right to refuse a sale.

~ The use of any stallion is not automatic endorsement by Nashama Stud. There are many aspects to breeding a foal. While some consider this basic precaution 'bizarre', when considering any of the stallions we have used appropriate references should be sought. Of course, we do not hesitate to recommend Moonlite, Pevensey or Torryburn.

~ All material on this web site is (c) Nashama Stud unless otherwise stated. Unathorised use is prohibited.

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