Fillies and Mares

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~ The use of any stallion is not automatic endorsement by Nashama Stud. There are many aspects to breeding a foal. While some consider this basic precaution 'bizarre', when considering any of the stallions we have used appropriate references should be sought. Of course, we do not hesitate to recommend Moonlite, Pevensey or Torryburn.

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Moonlite Belle
Sarafire ex Moonlite Gypsy
1994 Purebred Arabian
Eligible 1st Cross Australian Stock Horse
87.5% Crabbet
SCID Status - Carrier
LFS Status - Not yet tested
CA Status - Not yet tested

Multi-Supreme Champion Arabian at halter; broken to saddle and harness.

2003 - Nashama Ben Tahl - Bay Sabino Stallion
2005 - Nashama Aslaan Chestnut/Grey Sabino Gelding
2007 - Zainal Ibn Somerio - Bay/Grey Colt

Melody foaled a black/grey partbred gelding, Nashama Mystery Beau, 01/12/2013.

Where good temperament and a place to put the saddle matter!
This page was last updated: December 3, 2013
Brandy Creme Pussa
Anniversary Prelude ex Illaroo Cream Caramel
1992 Partbred rabian
50% Crabbet

After a long search for the right coloured mare for Nashama Ben Tahl, Brandy has been purchased and will be bred to him in the forthcoming stud season.
SCID Status - Clear
LFS Status - Not yet tested
CA Status - Not yet tested

Brandy was served by Nashama Ben Tahl and foaled a palomino colt, Nashama Firestorm, 02/11/2013
Moonlite Liesle
Arfaja Rawdon ex Moonlite Lyn
2009 Purebred Arabian
91.5% Crabbet

Just when you give up looking to replace an irreplacable mare, the right little girl walks up to you in somone else's back paddock.

Liesle is niece to our lovely Melody and Julia has finally chosen, after a 7 year search, her next riding mare.
SCID Status - Not yet tested
LFS Status - Not yet tested
CA Status - Not yet tested

Nashama Xena
Nashama Ben Tahl ex Brandy Creme Pussa
2011 Partbred Arabian PF 29507
75% Arabian
Our frst home bred filly and SHama's first foal
SCID, LFS, CA Status - Not yet tested