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~ The use of any stallion is not automatic endorsement by Nashama Stud. There are many aspects to breeding a foal. While some consider this basic precaution 'bizarre', when considering any of the stallions we have used appropriate references should be sought. Of course, we do not hesitate to recommend Moonlite, Pevensey or Torryburn.

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Nashama Ben Tahl
Torryburn Tahl ex Moonlite Belle
14.2hh Purebred Arabian S24048
Eligible Sire Arabian Stockhorses
75% Crabbet
SCID Status - Carrier - Not at Public Stud
LFS Status - Clear
CA Status - Clear
Nashama Zainal
Silver Somerio ex Moonlite Belle
Purebred Arabian S26419
Eligible Sire Arabian Stockhorses
92% Crabbet
SCID Status - Clear
LFS Status - Clear
CA Status - Clear

Where good temperament and a place to put the saddle matter!
"All men dream, but not equally. For the Dreamers of the Night awaken to find that it was merely their vanity. But the Dreamers of the Day are the dangerous ones for they dream with their eyes open and they make things happen."
Lawrence of Arabia, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"
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Nashama Firestorm (pend)
Nashama Ben Tahl ex Brandy Creme Pussa
Born 02/11/2013
Partbred Arabian Palomino Colt Reg Pending
SCID Status - Untested
LFS Status - Untested
CA Status - Untested